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ShiftKey offers various opportunities to individuals who are passionate about technology, innovation, and making a positive impact. Whether you’re a student, experienced professional, or aspiring entrepreneur, there’s a path for you to contribute and grow alongside a dynamic team.

“Volunteer applications are on hold for time being”

What are the benefits of volunteering with us?

Thank you for engaging with ShiftKey in a volunteer capacity. Volunteering is a serious commitment. We have pulled from some resources to provide you with a little background about committing to

What we promise you: 

  • A role: We will give you clarity about:
    • Your role and any orientation and information required to do your job effectively
    • Date, time and duration of volunteering
  • Recognition: We will provide with you acknowledgement of volunteering with ShiftKey Labs. This includes:
    • A volunteer t-shirt, to be worn whenever volunteering on behalf of ShiftKey Labs
    • Other ShiftKey swag
    • Mention on our social media and website
    • Recognition when you are applying for jobs (note: this portion only applies to those who have volunteered for at least 10 hours in a semester).

What you promise us:

  • Commitment: We expect you will:
    • Come as scheduled and on time
    • Carry out your tasks efficiently and honestly, performing your duties well and to the best of your abilities is expected when volunteering.
  • Support: To help grow the community we hope you will:
    • Actively encourage others to participate in ShiftKey events
    • Promote ShiftKey through means and channels that are suitable and comfortable to you

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