Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn

ShiftKey Labs gives Nova Scotians the chance to expand their technical skills, applied experience and professional network to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in computer science and technology.

ShiftKey Works

At ShiftKey Labs, we understand the challenges students face in balancing academic commitments with the need for meaningful employment. ShiftKey Works is more than just a part-time job portal – it’s a gateway to valuable experience in your chosen field, an opportunity to build applied skills, and a platform to forge key connections in Nova Scotia’s vibrant tech ecosystem.

Who is it for?


Industry interested in hiring through Shiftkey Works must provide details of the role, including the required skills, how the student will be supervised, the term and hours of the position, and the hourly wage. Examples of roles and vacancies can be found at the end of this document.


Once a student has been selected for a gig, ShiftKey will ensure that a brief contract is drawn up outlining the role, expectations, and term. The company is responsible for payment and supervision for the duration of the contract.

What Our Students Have to Say

Need Affordable Talent Without Full-Time Commitments?

Discover ShiftKey Works, the innovative solution to your staffing dilemmas. We offer a streamlined platform connecting you with talented students eager to apply their skills on a part-time basis, without the heavy costs of full-time internships or co-ops.

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Leverage fresh talent and keep your projects moving forward with minimal financial impact. Join us at ShiftKey Works and find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Get in touch now to transform how you hire and nurture the next generation of professionals.
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  • Real-World Experience: Gain valuable work experience in your field of study, enhancing your resume and preparing you for your future career.
  • Skill Development: Build applied skills that are directly relevant to your chosen profession, making you more competitive in the job market.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and companies in Nova Scotia’s tech ecosystem, expanding your professional network.
  • Portfolio Expansion: Complete unique employment opportunities that contribute to your portfolio, showcasing your abilities to future employers.
  • Early Engagement with Employers: Work with companies that are interested in developing relationships with emerging talent, offering potential pathways to future employment

Employers have the opportunity to meet current labor market shortages by employing students, develop relationships with future talent, and contribute to the students’ professional development and experience.

Employers interested in hiring through ShiftKey Works must provide detailed job descriptions, including required skills, supervision details, term and hours of the position, and hourly wage. ShiftKey Labs assists in shaping the vacancy and suggests 1-3 suitable candidates to the company. A brief contract is drawn up once a student is selected, outlining the role, expectations, and term.

Yes, but companies are advised to verify in advance that they can legally employ international students who hold student visas.

At the contract’s end, both students and employers are required to fill out a short report reflecting on the learning experience. This feedback is recorded within the student’s profile in the student pool, aiding ShiftKey in future role matching and serving as a reference for the student’s job search.

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