Industry Involvement

Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Industry

ShiftKey is more than just a platform; it’s a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration across various industries. They actively seek partnerships and engagement with businesses, startups, and organizations, understanding that the most impactful solutions emerge from collective efforts.

Here's how ShiftKey is actively involved in various industries


ShiftKey Build

This platform connects healthcare facilities with qualified healthcare professionals, streamlining workforce management and ensuring high-quality care.


ShiftKey collaborates with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare associations to address critical challenges like staffing shortages and care accessibility.



 Improved patient outcomes, reduced costs for facilities, and empowered healthcare professionals.


ShiftKey Labs

This research and development hub explores cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT, creating solutions for real-world problems.

Industry partnerships

ShiftKey collaborates with tech companies and startups to develop innovative products, platforms, and services.


Accelerated tech development, fostering a thriving tech ecosystem, and bridging the gap between academia and industry.


ShiftKey Academy

This program equips Dalhousie University computer science students with in-demand skills and industry certifications, preparing them for successful careers.

Mentorship and Workshops

Industry experts and professionals mentor students, share real-world insights, and guide them through career development.


A skilled and job-ready workforce for the tech industry, contributing to Canada’s economic growth.

Open Source

ShiftKey Open Source

This collection of open-source tools and libraries empowers developers and software engineers across various industries.

Community engagement

ShiftKey actively participates in open-source communities, contributing to existing projects and fostering collaboration.


Advanced and accessible software development tools, benefiting everyone from individual developers to large enterprises.


Hackathons and events

ShiftKey hosts events that bring together entrepreneurs, students, and industry leaders to tackle challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Incubation and support

ShiftKey provides resources and mentorship to promising startups, helping them grow and scale their businesses.


Nurturing a vibrant startup ecosystem, driving economic diversification, and creating new jobs.

By actively engaging with various industries, ShiftKey acts as a catalyst for progress. They connect stakeholders, provide resources, and cultivate an environment where ideas flourish and solutions take shape.
If you’re passionate about innovation and want to be part of something bigger, ShiftKey welcomes you with open arms. Explore their website, attend their events, or reach out directly to discover how you can contribute and make a lasting impact