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We are the technology-based sandbox with a relentless focus on creativity & innovation.

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Lab Residency Program
Material and in-kind support program for software-based Innovation & Entrepreneurship project teams The Lab Residency program targets...
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Skills Development
Technical / soft-skills workshops and networking events for professional growth ShiftKey Labs host a large number of...
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Rapid solution generation to a variety of ICT-related challenges “We are utilizing Hackathons to bring real solutions...
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Sandbox Discovery Program
Core innovation and entrepreneurship-based (I&E) skills development The Sandbox Discover program is an 8-part workshop series that...
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Creativity & Innovation Bootcamp
Immersive program focused on human-centered design-thinking The Creativity and Innovation Bootcamp program is designed to provide post-secondary...
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Technology Innovation Course
The Technology Innovation course (CSCI 4193/5193) combines elements of design thinking, project management, and software development to...
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