Empowering Your Future in Tech - ShiftKey Works

A succinct introduction to the essence of ShiftKey Labs and the ShiftKey Works program.

Welcome to ShiftKey Works

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry
Empowering Students, Engaging Employers

Our Mission

At ShiftKey Labs, we understand the challenges students face in balancing academic commitments with the need for meaningful employment. ShiftKey Works is more than just a part-time job portal – it's a gateway to valuable experience in your chosen field, an opportunity to build applied skills, and a platform to forge key connections in Nova Scotia's vibrant tech ecosystem.

For Students: Expand Your Horizons

Engaging Part-Time Opportunities

Dive into roles that complement your studies and give you a real-world edge.

Skill Development

Gain hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.


Connect with leading companies and professionals in your field.

Portfolio Building

Work on unique projects that showcase your capabilities to future employers.

For Employers: Discover Emerging Talent

Meet Labor Market Demands

Access a pool of bright, motivated students ready to contribute to your team.

Early Engagement

Build relationships with the next generation of professionals.

Flexible Hiring

Post opportunities outside traditional co-op and internship timelines, tailored to your specific needs.

For Industry Partners

Post Your Opportunity

Detail the role, required skills, supervision plans, term, hours, and wage.

Candidate Matching

ShiftKey Labs reviews applications and suggests top candidates for your consideration.

Contractual Agreement

Once a student is selected, we facilitate a brief contract outlining role expectations and terms.

Feedback and Reporting

Post-assignment, both students and employers provide insights, enriching our student profiles for future matching.

Our Testimonials

For Students

Browse and Apply

xplore diverse opportunities that align with your career aspirations. Get Matched: Let ShiftKey Labs connect you with roles that suit your skills and interests.

Learn and Grow

Gain invaluable experience and make a mark in your field of study.

Examples of Opportunities

Explore a range of technical roles perfect for part-time engagement, from software development to data analysis. Each role is uniquely crafted to provide substantial learning and networking opportunities.

Our Gallery