Throughout the year, ShiftKey Labs organizes and supports a variety of interesting workshops, hackathons, speaking events, competitions, and more for lab participants held across all partner institutions. In order to successfully deliver these events, each require a considerable amount of planning, time, effort, and human resources. That’s where you can help!


The following list contains some examples of volunteer opportunities in the lab that you can leverage based on your interest and availability:

  • Event planning/marketing/recruitment (design posters/digital advertisements, in-class event promotion visits, etc)
  • Event logistics (room setup/teardown, registration, greeting, photography, blogging/social media posting during events)
  • Guest blogger for the ShiftKey Labs website
  • Lead or support a technical/business workshop or speaking event
  • Business or technical mentoring/advising


As a volunteer, there are many benefits to participation. Anyone can apply to our Passport program and receive acknowledgement for volunteering. You can also feel good about giving back and supporting learning for current students. Everyone can increase their contact networks, have fun, and gain experience to include in a portfolio or résumé.

Ok, I’m sold… now what?

If volunteering sounds like a good fit for you, please complete the form below. The Lab Manager will follow up with you shortly and schedule a meeting to discuss opportunities in more detail.