Students for Community Engagement (SCE) is about connecting Computer Science to the broader community of Canadian civic decision making. The nature and types of challenges that we rely on our Governments to solve are often high in terms of scope, complexity, and direct significance to Canadians. These are exactly the kinds of big problems that can be most worth addressing. SCE hopes to create a place for students to respond to the technology issues shaping their communities, to better understand the challenges facing civil and professional organizations, and to contribute to building an informed and engaged innovation culture at Dal FCS.

In order to achieve this SCE will: take advantage of the best available means for transferring information to decision makers when and where it is most relevant, explore and create new methods for contributing technical information and facts, create linkages between students and professional mentors through organizations such as the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), foster an environment of learning that responds to the real world needs facing Governments, and expand into participation activities at increasingly significant levels of local, provincial and national decision making.

Participants should expect to become familiar with the strategic direction being taken by their civil leadership related to technology and innovation, practice professionalism and network with professionals, gain exposure to some of the real world needs of their community and engage in becoming well prepared to respond accordingly with all of the necessary supports available.

Simply put SCE’s mission is to create a framework for meaningful civic contributions from students throughout the entire lifetime of their studies at Dalhousie.



Oliver Dechant