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Bringing digital innovation and entrepreneurship to students across Nova Scotia. Test

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A range of activities created to support students’ development with emphasis on idea generation and exploration. 

Events to help build your skills are held every semester in collaboration with other local organizations, Sandboxes, or industries on a wide range of topicsEvents vary from daylong, weekend-long, or longer durations to help accommodate a wide array of students. 

Held a couple times a month, Tech Talk, is an mix of in-person and virtual sessions session to help in skill development. Topics fall in one of the four categories: Design and Human Computing Interactive (HCl), Growth Mindset, Technical Skills, and Essential Traits. 

STEM Connector is a free, flash mentorship program connecting post-secondary STEM students with industry professionals, researchers, and other students for professional development. Join today to have full access to upcoming events that will help grow your network: 

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