SWAP Innovations

SWAP Innovations is revolutionizing the way that secure transactions take place over the internet. Our proprietary device gives customers the most secure alternative currently available. SWAP Innovations is focused on serving the Bitcoin market with plans to expand into other crypto currencies and financial institutions.

The Team


Name Nigel Lutchman
Education MBA International Business, BSc. Management Studies
Experience 22 years in Sales, Marketing: Glaxo SmithKline, Unilever Caribbean Limited, Arcor Group (Argentina)
Languages English, Spanish, German & French (Basic)
Skills  Business Development, Marketing & Sales Management
Role  Business Development & PR


Name Armando Tenias
Education BBM, PGD (Business Administration)
Experience 6 years in Marketing (5 in Biotechnology sector), 2 years in HR, 4 years in customer service & public relations roles
Languages English, Spanish & French
Skills Marketing strategy, Project Management, International Business
Role Marketing & HR


Name Kardam Tiwari
Education Masters of Computer Science, Dalhousie
Experience Defense Research and Development Organization
Languages English & Hindi, French (beginner)
Skills Network Security, Block Chaining, Computer Networks
Role Product Development


Name Jared Perry
Education B Comm, SMU
Experience Global Vision Canada, Sobey School of Business Development Centre, Mambo Inc.
Languages English, French & Flemish
Skills Business Development, Front End Developer
Role Business Development   


Name Rahul Tiwari
Education MSC (International Management) & MBA (Marketing & Strategy)
Experience 3 years in International Sales, Marketing and Business Development 
Languages Hindi, English, French & Thai (Beginner)
Skills Business Development, Marketing, Sales & PR
Role Marketing


Name Raghav V. Sampangi
Education PhD in Computer Science, Dalhousie University
Experience Security in Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance, Security and Privacy in Context-aware Internet of Things
Languages English, Kannada
Skills Security in Cyber-physical Systems, Usable Privacy and Security
Role Technology Advisor