With Spritely we intend to reinvent the settlement process. We have a
platform that helps people meet local city experts, who speak the newcomers
native language, and provide them with specific assistance.

Through our platform, the services offered by the city experts would be specifically tailored according to the needs of each customer. The customer can select their desired services, the timing, the language, and even the duration they want to spend on each task. The platform will suggest an average time each service could take but customers are free to choose their duration. For each of the services, the customers would be able to arrange a car with the city expert who could drive them around.

Our services range from picking up newcomers at the airport, to finding apartments, assisting in buying cars, setting up bank accounts, arranging initial appointments and even helping with initially setting up basic utilities services. This peer to peer service model will build social connections and provide a warmer welcome to newcomers allowing them to transition into their new home easier and with less stress.

For more information, please visit https://www.gospritely.com.