REP is a mobile platform that allows coaches to create and compile specific training content into intuitive digital packages, and to share these sessions with their athletes and peers. On this view, REP is a powerful athlete development tool that connects coaches everyone devoted to developing athletes. Although free, the premium version of REP provides users 24/7 access to a ”CoachBot” that delivers expert training content based on user needs, anytime, anywhere. Given that REP is an open platform, any user can search any other user, and view their training sessions. This will allow users to see not just how their friends (or opponents) are training, but also what the pros are doing. Importantly, experts will be able to monetize their training content by charging followers a monthly subscription fee. On this view, REP is a powerful market place for experts to sell their training content directly to their target market: young athletes and coaches.

The Team

sheaShea Balish, PhD is the CEO of REP. He dedicated his life to improving amateur sport across the world. He believes (and converging evidence suggests) that sport is one of the most powerful vehicles for positive youth development. For the last decade he has conducted research in the field of sport psychology, trying to better understand why billions are deeply passionate and committed to sport. Shea focuses on motivation and behaviour change, including gender and cross-cultural differences therein. To continue this line of work, he currently holds a Banting Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at University of Toronto, Canada.

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