PartyUP is a mobile application (app) that helps people plan their night out on the town. PartyUP provides bar and nightclub patrons with crowd-sourced, high quality videos, that were recently taken at all of the major establishments and events in their area. This allows the users to see what is happening at these places in their area from the point of view of people who are already there. This platform can then be used by event promoters as a way to promote their event while it is happening in order to get people in to the event earlier and to expose their event to people who are undecided about where they will be going on that night.

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The Team

todd-mercerTodd Mercer is the founder of PartyUP. He is an entrepreneur with a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. For most of his life, Todd has been focused on solving everyday problems that he is faced with or the ones he notices that others are faced with. These problems have ranged from mowing the lawn, to having too many keys, to breaking a leg and everything else in between. Todd is an innovative thinker that comes up with solutions to these problems and effectively manages a team to make these solutions a reality.

fritzFritz Vander Heide is the Lead Developer of PartyUP. He has over 15 years of experience developing software, a hobby and a career he loves. He has successfully embraced the roles of software developer, software architect, project manager, department manager and technical writer. He enjoys studying and employing object oriented software design principles, patterns, and idioms. He is a fastidious API designer and implementor. Frtiz’s projects involved a variety of domains from electronic gaming machines to tennis court monitoring systems. Many of his projects have involved embedded software development. Professionally he has written software mostly for Windows, but his personal projects are written for Mac OS or iOS. It is not enough for him to understand a subject well enough to use it; he enjoys digging deep to discover how a tool, library, or technology works. If he uses some tool or process, he invests in learning best practices for its use. Software development is all about making trade offs, and Fitz wants to know enough about a subject to make good trade offs that become better the more he learns.