GroupUs is the first social networking application to use smart interest profiling. Inspired by people who “use Tinder to meet new people instead of hook up”, GroupUs is the best way to make new friends. Users sign in to GroupUs through Facebook, and the GroupUs application uses an advanced proprietary algorithm to identify users’ Activities Interests and Opinions. Users can then answer a series of short questions to help clarify your interests. GroupUs then places users into a group of four people with similar interests, where you can privately chat and get to know each other.

There are three highlights that makes our team stand out. The first is the advanced AIO profiler. All three of our teammates (as well as Faisal Abbas, a fourth member) have worked at Dalhousie’s Natural Language Processing Group (DNLP) where we have solved similar AIO profiling tasks in the past. We have identified a new way to create these algorithms which can work better than our leading competitors. This profiler has considerable commercial potential, and once it is fully fleshed, can also be used in marketing research.

The second highlight is that this application solves a considerable pain–one that has a very large market. As social institutions have declined, there are not as many resources for meeting new people and friend. It’s a tremendous pain that many people have tried to solve, only that few have had access to advanced AIO algorithms that make it user-friendly.

The final highlight is that we are a team of students who have spent considerable time working together, and have acquired considerable experience and have consistently proven that we can work well together. We have already developed AIO algorithms in the past, and have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. The application UX is relatively simple, and we are able to execute on the collection and preparation of large amounts of textual data. We fully intend to execute on this application to have a working MVP within 5 weeks –we believe we could become the highlight of the ShiftKey Labs program.

The Team

Team Member  Program of Study  Contact Information
Colin Conrad, Team Leader Interdisciplinary PhD (Information Technology)
Zhishen Yang Bachelor of Computer Science
Dijana Kosmajac PhD (Computer Science)