Resident Teams

Dal Compass

Dal Compass is an in-house project undertaken by Dalhousie university graduate students which provides unique and pleasant experience in campus navigation and virtual tours of the Dalhousie campuses and buildings.


HiveTrade is a platform dedicated to professionals of each market sector using their unified knowledge to build ‘Collectively Intelligent Investment Portfolios’. HiveTrade is a world’s first, building communities of professionals and academics, leveraging the intelligence they possess in the industries they know most about.

Integrated HACCP Solutions

We provide an online service that helps food processors generate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) safety plans.


We help offshore drilling operators improve safety & efficiency in the process of rock cutting analysis.


Dementia and aging related memory loss causes major hardships for people living with this condition. Loss of independence and dignity. Frustration, anxiety, and fear for loved ones.

Our Voice assisted app will help people age better and live independently by helping them in recognizing memories, past events, giving instructions on what needs to be done in order to complete a task which they want to do and will give a joyful experience to the user.


RovBOT makes travel to Canada easier by assisting travelers in their visa process. I guide you throughout the process. RovBOT is powered by artificially intelligent algorithms and is trained understand your needs.


With Spritely, we intend to reinvent the settlement process. We are working towards a
platform that would help people meet local city experts who speak the newcomers
native language and who would provide them with specific assistance.