Project Incubation Bootcamp

The Project Incubation Bootcamp is a 12-week program for up to 40 students that supports student teams with existing projects—including teams with high-potential project ideas from the Introduction to Innovation Bootcamp.

Each student will be paid approximately ½ the equivalent of typical co-op wages per month ($1050) to subsidize their 50% time commitment to the program.

The objective of the program is provide the necessary financial support and resources for teams to create a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or prototype that effectively demonstrates advancement of the project measured at the start of the bootcamp. The desired output of the bootcamp is to produce strong, well-balanced teams with realistic business plans and demonstrable products that are better positioned to become successful social enterprises or businesses.


All applicants must satisfy the following conditions in order to apply

  1. Students must have an existing early-stage project/business and apply as a team with a maximum of three (3) members. You might have more members on your team but only three members will be accepted into, and funded by, the program.
  2. Each person on a team must be a full/part-time post-secondary student or recent alumnus (less than 1 year after graduation) who is currently residing in Nova Scotia.
  3. All participants must attend the first week of the program in-person.
  4. All participants must attend the final team presentation to judges and other program stakeholders in-person.
  5. Each team must create a one-minute video overview of their project/business that includes the project/business name, brief bios and headshots of each team member in the opening/introductory sequence. It is highly recommended that the video be uploaded to Vimeo (YouTube also possible but not ideal due to less flexible privacy settings) and the link to this video must be supplied with the application.
  6. Each team must submit a complete and accurate application to the program. Incomplete/inaccurate applications will be rejected.

**Please submit the application as a group

Thank you for your interest but the application process to the Product Incubation  bootcamp has now closed.