ShiftKey Labs
Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ShiftKey Sandbox brings together everything tech for students across Nova Scotia. The Sandbox is the onestop shop for digital innovation and entrepreneurship student training.  From hackathons to bootcamps to tech talks to a quarterly book club.  

Start-up, Leadership and MVP Development

ShiftKey Build aims to give a typical software developer the mindset, tools, and skills to succeed as a well-rounded tech leader at an early-stage tech start-up, building its product from scratch, preferably with a small team. Learn about customer discovery, idea validation, and business model development as you work in collaboration with SURGE Innovation, IdeaHUB, Dal Innovates, Volta, Ignite, COVE, and more. 

Industry Training and Networking

ShiftKey Academy is an applied learning lab focused on integrated work and experimental learning for those already working with companies and start-ups. Continue your development through our workshops, training sessions, and other support needed on your computer science journey.