Passport Program

The ShiftKey Labs Passport Program provides students (and recent alumni/non-students) with a means to track their participation in any ShiftKey Labs-organized activities. This is a great way to build your professional portfolio and demonstrate your initiative to current/future employers.

Participation in this program is free. To sign up, please read the full Program Details document below:

Program Details

The ShiftKey Labs Passport program allows students to gain recognition for their participation in ShiftKey Labs. Similar in function to a real passport, the passport is stamped each time a student completes a lab-related activity. With each stamp, students can gain academic participation marks in certain pre-approved for-credit courses or extracurricular participation—useful for a portfolio or CV.

Eligible Passport Activities

ShiftKey Labs offers a variety of activities that are eligible for passport recognition. Students can earn one stamp in their passport by completing any of the following:

  • Schedule a 30-minute advising session with the ShiftKey Labs Manager to discuss project-based work and potential start-up ideas
  • Participate in one complete day of a hackathon
  • Participate in one technical or business workshop of 90 minutes duration or longer
  • Organize and deliver an activity to ShiftKey Labs participants of at least 90 minutes in duration. Some examples include:
    • Research topic presentation
    • Project work
    • Technical or business workshops
    • Fireside chats (i.e. informal discussion panels)
  • Volunteer 
  • Actively participating in other ShiftKey Labs-sponsored activities upon approval by the Manager

Additional Student Obligations for Academic Credit

Students who are seeking academic credit will be required to complete the following to obtain a stamp in their passport:

  1. Register for an academic course participating in this program. Your instructor will notify you whether or not this course is participating in the Passport program.
  2. Participate in-person in the activity unless otherwise noted
  3. Submit any academic materials required to receive credit for participation with your instructor.

Obtaining a Physical Passport

Students who wish to obtain a passport can visit ShiftKey Labs during our normal hours of operation (please visit the ShiftKey Labs website). The student must complete a brief registration form before a passport will be issued.

Replacement Passports

If the passport is lost or stolen, a new passport will be issued at no cost

Similar to a real travel passport, “stamps” are not tracked by the issuer (ShiftKey Labs) and can only be retroactively added if associated with an academic course or the student can provide proof of their participation in the extracurricular activity. 


Please contact the Lab Manager for more information at

Passport Stamps

To facilitate passport stamping, all participants are asked to drop their passports off in the blue box outside the Manager’s office by the end of the activity. Someone will sign the passports and place them back in the blue box for pickup.