Orientation Week Welcome for New Students

The first week of September is an important one for post-secondary institutions as we welcome a new batch of students to campus through Orientation Week (O-Week). ShiftKey Labs partnered up with the Dal Faculty of Computer Science Society (CSS) and Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS) to deliver some fun activities to our new friends.

On September 6th, incoming undergraduate Computer Science students participated in a Rapid Innovation session held in ShiftKey Labs. Students were already placed in teams by CSS organizers and each team was asked to draw two words out of a box. The goal was to take 3 minutes and use these two words to come up with a unique software-based innovation. Each team was invited up to the front of the room to present their solution in a 2-minute “pitch”. The Sandbox Manager and other students in the room could then ask questions to clarify and provide some feedback to the team. The activity concluded with an award of 1–3 points based on the originality, viability, and potential impact of each idea.

Some fun word combinations and potential solutions were

 Words Idea
Youth, Senior An interactive game that brought youth and seniors together over shared activities
Transportation, Efficiency Attachable body modifications to cars to increase their aerodynamics. Sensors that provided car owners with easy-to-understand diagnostic and performance information through a mobile application.
Tourism, Safety A mobile app that lets tourists (or anyone else new to the region) know about safety alerts. Could also incorporate safety notices to friends and family members.

On September 7th, graduate CS students attended an orientation session that showcased different research areas and labs within the Faculty of Computer Science. ShiftKey Labs hosted an information booth and invited one of the Lab Resident Project Teams, UnivFax, to demo their start-up business. Students circulated around the room, enjoyed pizza and drinks, and chatted with us about the lab and how they might get involved.

As O-Week comes to a close, we hope you’ve enjoyed the activities and know a little bit more about the resources, supports and opportunities available to you on campus.

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