Lab Residency Program

The Lab Residency Program provides students and recent alumni with services and supports to help increase their chances of success when exploring the social and/or commercial potential of ICT-focused projects.

Who is this program suitable for?

Individuals or small teams of post-secondary students or recent alumni who are new to the innovation process and who are committed to learning more through the exploration of an ICT-related project.

Students from any degree or background are welcome.

The program requires a commitment to attend bi-weekly project review meetings and approximately 8 hours/week development time throughout an entire academic semester.

What are the benefits?

Lab Residents enjoy exclusive benefits for their commitment to the program. These include:

  • Project Expense Reimbursement Credits (PERCs) up to $500 per semester and up to $750 in one-time reimbursement for legal/business incorporation fees
  • One-on-one project advising time with the Lab Manager
  • Free after-hours access to ShiftKey Labs
  • Exclusive online business training and planning software
  • Apply for free cloud computing resources
  • A listing of your project on the Resident Teams page

Program Details

For the most recent and complete details about the Lab Residency program, please access the following shared document:


Before applying, please read through the Lab Residency Program Details document listed above, gather the information listed in the “Application Process” section, and submit the following form: