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FiCS Script

FiCS Script

FiCS is a tool for .Net Framework that gives programmers more control over their applications at runtime. While traditional scripting engines have a lot of limitations on what they can do, FiCS gives programmers more power and at a greater convenience.

The tool is an easy-to-use library that can be used as any other scripting engine – it accepts C#-like code and executes it. What makes FiCS different is the ability to not only interact with application’s codebase, but change it as well. The change is instantaneous and does not require application to be restarted, which makes FiCS a useful tool for debugging hard-to-reproduce bugs. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of patching deployed applications and allows you to fix critical bugs in an instant.

Simply put, the tool is designed to not only optimize programmers’ workflow, but also reduce frustration, increase productivity and save time!

FiCS will be available for all applications that are built using Microsoft .Net or Mono Frameworks on all major platforms.

Steve Boytsun

I’m a programmer with passion for game development and making tools. I have recently graduated from Dal’s MACS program and am now working at a local gamedev company. Programming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I look forward to seeing how far I can take this project.

Stay tuned for more information!