Ocean of Data Challenge: Future Green Ports

Ocean of Data Challenge: Future Green Ports

Join the Ocean of Data Challenge by The PIERCOVEShiftKey Labs and DeepSense for some creative collaboration and idea generation! This free event will kick off on Wednesday, May 24th at 6pm ADT with an introduction to the Challenge, presentations from experts, and the chance to ask questions to help idea exploration. Participants submit their video presentation on Monday, June 5th and the winners are announced on Friday, June 9th.

We are already seeing how port cities are evolving from grey to green. Halifax is already transitioning to be greener and this is only the start. Some cities are shrinking their driving lanes to build pedestrian or bike-only lanes, and increasing EV charging stations for cars, electric scooters, and bikes.  But port cities face unique challenges, they act as hubs that connect the sea to land by roads, rails and air, while supporting shipping, cruise, and naval routes and being part of an active, living city.

This Data Challenge will invite participants to imagine new ways to bring together the City of Halifax and the Port of Halifax in a greener, more efficient and sustainable way. Answer the ultimate question: How can we create a greener port? We are inviting students at post-secondary institutions across Atlantic Canada to use ocean data to examine how we can drive urban port city sustainability through this Challenge. 


Wednesday, May 24th at 6 – 8 pm: The challenge kicks off! Learn how being a One Port City makes Halifax a more efficient and sustainable port. The session will be a live virtual panel and also recorded and shared within 24 hours with all those who were not able to attend.

Monday, June 5th at 11:59pm: Team concept submissions must be emailed to info@deepsense.ca with “Challenge submission form *TEAM NAME*” in the subject line to be eligible for presentation.  Judges will review all submissions over the following three business days.

Friday, June 9th by 4 pm:  Participants will be contacted with the results!

Sign up today: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ocean-of-data-challenge-future-green-ports-tickets-616614308997

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