DevWorks is about building a community of like-minded, driven, and motivated individuals outside of the traditional classroom. Conventional courses and traditional learning paradigms do not always give students the opportunity to think outside the box or to deploy their skillset in a way that directly reflects the challenges brought on by the marketplace. DevWorks is meant to empower Halifax STEM undergraduate students with the experience and tools to develop, innovate and compete on the global stage.

DevWorks will actively develop and host an array of activities to speak to its mandate, including, but not limited to: workshops; competitions; regular group meetings in the ShiftKey labs; ‘show and tell’ sessions that demo new tools and frameworks; networking opportunities to liaise with various industry stakeholders; mentorship and peer-review programs. Students who join DevWorks will benefit from peer mentorship. They will develop their skills while having the opportunity to feel as part of a growing community of goal-driven individuals.

Our vision is simple: become a leading student-driven innovation hub.

Visit our website at for more information about our team, projects, and how you can get involved with DevWorks.