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Android Hackathon

Saturday, February 10th, 2018 @ 10:00 amSunday, February 11th, 2018 @ 6:00 pm


ShiftKey Labs and the Dalhousie Computer Science Society (CSS) are teaming up to run a 2-day hackathon focused on Android mobile application development.

The format is pretty simple: Show up, join or form a team, brainstorm an idea guided by the disclosed prize categories, spend the remainder of the weekend coding out that solution, and present/demo your idea to the group. Everyone will get a chance to vote on the presentations/demos and the group who receives the most votes in the prize category will win!

Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the event to keep you fuelled up!

Presentation Order

Team Nathan We aim to create a pain-free trading experience where users can post items they want to trade and see what others are offering by swiping through items of interest. Users that express interest in each other’s selections will be matched with each other so they can discuss their trade in detail.
Team Rocket We have built a vocabulary builder game with an engaging tinder like user interface. The game consists of five rounds where user can select the correct answer by swiping left or right. We generate the question options using a vector space model called Word2vec. The word2vec model has been trained using Deep Learning on a corpus containing 1 billion Wikipedia articles. The neural network models makes use of Skip-Gram and Continuous Bag of Words deep learning architecture.
Group 4 YouNote is an Android application that allows users to compose notes while watching YouTube videos.
Team Jelly Friends #1 Worldwide Ltd When someone is struggling with their mental health it can be difficult for them to reach out to others for social contact or to keep a rigid schedule. The Jelly Buddy is an interactive friend that helps users deal with these problems. The Jelly Buddy has many features to engage the user. You can interact with your jelly through conversations, playing mini games, or get it to remind you about taking medications. If you’re having a bad day the Jelly Buddy has activities that will help you decompress and feel better.
Pizzavengers (FitFood) Our app aims to find nearest restaurants based on the device location and show the available options to the user. Once users select a particular restaurant of their choice, app will suggest the food items of their choice available in the restaurant. The suggested food will be shown based on the calculation of the health stats of the individual. The app would benefit users to monitor their daily dietary needs.
G12 en-route eatery
Punjabis Foodies is a comprehensive one-stop solution for everyone, especially for people who are busy and wish to save time in preparing recipes. Foodies does everything right from finding best deals on groceries, selecting and ordering them, offering suggestions for recipes to finally providing locations for nearby superstores.
Due2Do Due 2 Do is powerful to-do list aimed to facilitate one’s life. It can organize your task based on priority. Due 2 Do is a one-for-all option for the users where the task can be classified as a routine, location-based task and a gathering event task. It will provide a priority-based reminder and facilitate the user with navigational functionalities. People can store links, capture image, create gathering groups, create a to-do list for grocery shopping and many more alternative usages.
Let’s Meet Developing apps to organize meetings
CS-PrepGuide CS-PrepGuide is an App that helps users take important decisions regarding their career paths. It is a one stop solution where users can find all the information about the jobs available in the major IT companies, the skills required for these jobs and the resources available to prepare for these jobs. This app allows users to specify their skills and accordingly suggests the jobs the user may be interested in. Each job listed is accompanied by preparation resources such as youtube channels, preparation guides, online courses etc. More resources can be posted by users and other users can rate the resources available as well as comment on them. This app aims to provide students with guidance so that they can focus on achieving skills that are required for the job they would like to get.
Mobile Computing Group 3: Archipelago Real time strategy game for Android devices.
HashTag Elo is an Android application which allows people to share their experiences about the gadgets they own. This app will enable people who intend to make purchases to get personal reviews and gain the buying power from different people’s experience. Elo provides a platform for the user to come together to discover the most relevant product based on user comparative analysis of their reviews. The motivation of Elo is to harness the wisdom from the user, about the gadget they use.

Elo is a gadget advisor, which collects reviews and feedbacks from many users who have had experience of using the product which is meant to be bought. Though it does not have age barriers, Elo is meant for the user who has domain knowledge or in need of expertise for the products that they post/read reviews about.

CarryAir Our world has become a global village where boundaries are no longer a barrier to accomplish great goals. Countries like Canada is witnessing large incoming flow of people from overseas. Our group strive to guide such people especially by offering valuable assistance in selecting the most suitable wireless plan for them.
Most of the existing applications have limited service for customers looking for attractive deals available on purchase of a new wireless connection or a new device under contract. Our goal is to create an application that lists the best choices available across different providers for first time wireless purchase. Using GPS, networking and camera features, our app will provide several other features such as individual user dashboard with online bill payment facilities, e chat and nearest store locating features.
Group 17 (DalAssist) The purpose of our application is to provide a full stack mobile application for new international and current Dal Students by incorporating and presenting all the generic as well as Academic information into one complete package. This gives the international students a complete guide of Halifax and Dalhousie University.
MoodoVoodo The application recognizes the user’s moods by scanning facial expressions and through music therapy elevates the user’s mood.
The Mob Go Somewhere is an event-based application that allows users to search for popular events through a map-based interface in a given location (Halifax or Toronto in this case). The application screens Tweets from a backend Twitter API filter allowing users to gauge the number of individuals at a particular event, what the event is and further details about the business (i.e. location, contact information). Furthermore, users can share their experience about the environment and access features such as checking-in and sharing photos about the event. Through a common medium, users can connect and share their experience with others via social media and also promote local events they otherwise would not be aware of.

Voting Form



  • Feb 11, 9:48 am: Lunch will be served around 1:00 pm
  • Feb 10, 6:31 pm: Please select one member of your group to complete the Project Profile form.
  • Feb 10, 3:10 pm: Please join our Slack channel to receive timely communications from the hackathon coordinator team about the event. https://goo.gl/Kr3iy8


To generate some interesting ideas and start creating a functional mobile application prototype for the Google Android platform. Hackathons are also a great way to meet new people, earn bragging rights about your coding abilities, win prizes, and have some fun!

Technical Mentors

To help students with any technical questions they might have, a variety of mentors will be volunteering at the hackathon.


The hackathon is scheduled to start on Saturday, Feb 10th at 10:00 am and end by Sunday, Feb 11th at 6:00 pm.

Saturday, February 10th
Time Details
9:30 am Registration, coffee, pastries
10:00 am Kick off
10:25 am Form teams, discuss project ideas, begin coding!
12:00 pm Lunch
5:30 pm Pizza dinner
9:00 pm Day 1 ends (but students can continue coding if desired)
Sunday, February 11th
Time Details
9:30 am Morning coffee, pastries, continue coding
1:00 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Team presentations and demos (3 mins max)
5:30 pm Voting
6:00 pm Winners announced, group pictures, prizes/certificates awarded


There will one prize group for teams of junior undergraduate-level students (years 1 and 2) and one prize category for teams of senior undergraduate-level students (years 3 and 4) / graduate students. Within each group, there will be two prizes: One group prize for the “most humourous” application and one group prize for the “most practical” application. It is possible for a group to win in more than one prize category in their grouping.

Unlike other hackathons or pitch events, there will be no judging panel as everyone participating in the event will be given the opportunity to cast votes in the prize categories for their grouping.

Prize Amounts
(per prize)
Team size Prize per student
1 $200
2 $150
3 $125
4+ $100

Most Humorous

One of the primary goals of this competition is to have fun. Winners of this prize category have the opportunity to showcase their funny side and develop a game, mobile app, or other piece of software that is clever and makes people laugh.

Remember, the solution has to be in good taste and everyone is expected to follow the appropriate student Code of Conduct at Dalhousie.

Most Practical

A prize will be awarded to the group that develops a mobile application solves a real need, is something that a wide variety of people would use, and adds tangible value to users’ lives.

Some things to consider when trying to win in this prize category are:

  1. The inspiration behind the problem or need. Did you think of it? Did someone else mention that their lives would be better if they had an app that solved this problem?
  2. How often do you feel someone might use it?
  3. What group of people would you target to use it?
  4. Does the solution make the best use of the strengths of the mobile phone form factor? (i.e. are you building it on a mobile phone just because you can or is a mobile phone the ideal platform for this solution?)
  5. Do the features of the solution you’re developing make sense? Are they necessary? Why?


  • Participants can come in with an idea but the project must be in the early stages of development (i.e. you are not allowed to submit a project that has been previously submitted as a class assignment, potential startup project, or other solutions currently in development).
  • Bring your own laptop and Android phones for development/testing as these will not be provided
  • Please bring your valid student ID card
  • All participants must enrolled in a post-secondary program (NSCC students will compete in the junior undergraduate-level prize category)
  • Maximum team size is 6 students.
  • All participants must register online in advance of the event start date or at the door on the first day of the hackathon. Please refer to the schedule for more information.
  • To be eligible for prizes, at least one team member must present the team’s solution, in-person, at the hackathon.
  • All prizes will be distributed as per the prize table listed above
  • Prizes are non-negotiable and cannot be substituted




Special thanks to the Dalhousie Computer Science Society (CSS) for their support



Saturday, February 10th, 2018 @ 10:00 am
Sunday, February 11th, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
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ShiftKey Labs


Dalhousie University Goldberg Computer Science Building (Room 426, ShiftKey Labs)
6050 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2 Canada
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