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ShiftKey Labs Battlesnake Tournament 2023

ShiftKey is hosting a Battlesnake Tournament on January 14, 2023. We will kick off the tournament on January 7, to introduce you to the tournament, learn coding options and build a stronger snake. Make sure to register yourself and/or your team by January 13 at 3 pm AST. Let the battle begin!

Registration is now open!

Frequently Asked Questions

Battlesnake is an autonomous survival game. Each Battlesnake is controlled by a live web server and the code you write. It moves independently attempting to find food, avoid other Battlesnakes, and stay alive as long as possible. Learn more about by clicking here!

You will have from January 7th to 14th to develop and test your code.  On January 14th at 4pm, the tournament will being and depending on those registered, we will split it up into a beginner tournament and experienced tournament.  There will be several rounds of competition until one team is victorious.

Battlesnake is best for those with beginner-level programming skills and above. To build your own Battlesnake, you’ll need to know the basics of responding to web requests in at least one programming language.

You‘ll be designing, building, and deploying a live web server to play the game.


Each Battlesnake is a unique URL that responds to the Battlesnake API.

To win a game, you must be the final Battlesnake left on the game board! Stay alive by collecting health and food and by avoiding colliding into yourself, other Battlesnakes, and the game board boundaries.  Find the full rules over on the Battlesnake website.

The ShiftKey Labs Battlesnake tournament is open to high school and post-secondary students across Nova Scotia. 

You can work on a team with just yourself or with up to three others. You can build your own team or we can put you on a team!