Lab Residency Program

Lab Residency Program

Material and in-kind support program for software-based Innovation & Entrepreneurship project teams

The Lab Residency program targets teams of students or alumni (2-3 members each) who wish to incubate their I&E project ideas and provides them with in-kind and material support. Participants will advance projects to proof-of-concept/prototype to prove their technical competencies; build their professional portfolios; gain presentation/pitch experience when communicating their solutions to a variety of stakeholders; network with entrepreneurs and potential mentors, and increase each student’s chances of success when applying to other early-stage business development programs, competitions, incubators, and accelerators.

Available supports and resources include:

  • Apply for 50% expense reimbursements per team, per semester, through PERCs (Project Expense Reimbursement Credits) to a maximum of $500.
  • Free project incubation space within ShiftKey Labs.
  • Bi-weekly advising time with the Sandbox Manager and ad-hoc advising time with ShiftKey staff, researchers, or industry partners upon request.
  • Apply to access a variety of relevant business/technical (material) resources exclusively available to Lab Resident teams such as free software, web hosting, online small business training, etc.

Each team is required to commit to the following:

  • A ½ hour, bi-weekly progress update/review meeting with the Sandbox Manager. The purpose is to set goals for the upcoming bi-weekly iteration and measure progress toward achieving those goals
  • Participation in the fall and winter “project fair” event (public showcase of all projects)

Current Teams

FiCS is a tool for .Net Framework that gives programmers more control over their applications at runtime.

We help offshore drilling operators improve safety & efficiency in the process of rock cutting analysis.


For more information Contact the ShiftKey Labs Manager.

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