Rapid solution generation to a variety of ICT-related challenges

“We are utilizing Hackathons to bring real solutions to real challenges.”

Hackathons challenge participants to create economically and technologically viable solutions for real challenges faced in a variety of sectors and businesses.

They allow participants to work on real-world problems as part of a collaborative and diverse team and offer a platform to jumpstart innovations and innovative approaches to existing problems.

Most hackathons give businesses, the community, government and university the opportunity to work creatively together towards a common goal.

All solutions developed during a hackathon remain the intellectual property of the team participants. Participants are encouraged to develop their solutions further after the hackathon with support from Shiftkey Labs if they wish. 

Recent hackathons have included:

  • Government Technology Hackathon
  • Space Apps Challenge
  • Arts-Tech Fusion
  • Analyze Re Design Challenge

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