Resident Teams


Aria is a happiness company. We believe that true, long-term happiness is within everyone’s reach, and that interactive, positive psychology is the key to unlocking it.


CrowdPush is a social marketing platform which provides different ways to push your content through various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.


GroupUs is the first social networking application to use smart interest profiling. GroupUs is the best way to make new friends.


PartyUP is a mobile application (app) that helps people plan their night out on the town. enables you to automatically generate a body of work based on what you post on social media. This enables creative professionals who use the platform to be competitive when looking for work.


REP is a mobile platform that allows coaches to create and compile specific training content into intuitive digital packages, and to share these sessions with their athletes and peers.


StuGig enables university students to find gigs by promoting themselves and their respective skill sets.

SWAP Innovations

SWAP Innovations is revolutionizing the way that secure transactions take place over the internet.


Univfax is one stop web portal solution that provide a mix of services to the incoming international students in Halifax universities to help in their smooth transition from their home country to Halifax.